Friday, March 5, 2010

25 Ways To Improve Your REALationship

I have been talking about what it takes to have a
Conscious REALationship™?

To experience being in a REALationship™, you have to take action to make it happen.

What would your relationship look like if you focused on improving it?

In a world filled with everyday stressors, "Reality Land", many times we tend to ignore or take our relationship for granted.

If you start taking action to be in a loving & conscious REALationship, each area of your life will start to have positive effect.

Here are 25 ways to improve your REALationship:

1. Remember that you are a Team.
2. Create goals by creating vision together.
3. Have weekly date nights.
4. Ask for what you need. Nobody is a mind reader.
5. Compliment your spouse daily.
6. Send your significant other random, flirtatious text messages or emails.
7. Take care of yourself & your needs.
8. Talk to each other everyday.
9. Find similar interests.
10. Give each other space.
11. Smile and flirt with one another.
12. Watch a favorite TV show together.
13. Don't hold on to past resentments.
14. Be honest.
15. Don't ever make threats that you don't intend to carry out.
16. Cuddle.
17. Forgive.
18. Assign household chores so to share responsibilities.
19. Change yourself instead of trying to change your spouse.
20. Support each others goals.
21. Support each others hobbies.
22. Let them spend time with their friends.
23. Plan for fun trips & activities.
24. Be each others Best Friend - #1.
25. Make Love.

Begin to take action today!