Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 Steps To Love Your Love Life

How is your love life? If your answer is anything but, "It is fabulous! Thanks for asking," then read on.

It's easy to become caught up in our daily schedules that we often forget about the person that we are supposed to love First & Foremost - Ourselves.

In neglecting ourselves, one issue that comes up most often is a negative body image.

You might be saying, "My boobs are sagging to my knees, I'm all mush in the middle, and I jiggle all over. Why would anyone want to have sex with me?"

When we feel unattractive and uncomfortable in our own bodies, we are totally disconnected from ourselves.

I know that I say this often, but it bears repeating:
If you don't love yourself first,
then how can you possibly love someone else?

So, if you think that you are no longer attractive and too self-conscious to get naked - well then its time to get your Sexy Back.

1. I want for you to go to a mirror and take if off. Take it all off! Declare your Sexy! Run your hands over every inch and curve of your body. All you have is right now, this moment.

Those parts of your body that seem most soft are the ones that are going to feel most sensual to your lover's fingertips.

2. Create a Sensual Bubble Bath. Some orange oil with slices of lemon and orange peel floating in the bath will be just what the Love Doctor ordered! Or perhaps some rose petals will be your delight. Essential oils are very concentrated so a couple drops will be enough to fill the whole room.

3. Put something sexy on. No, it doesn't mean that you have to put on some spiky heels and a skimpy thong (unless you want to). I don't know a better way to feel sexy than to dress in an outfit that makes you feel beautiful. So, take off that oversized t-shirt and baggy pants and put on an outfit that will WOW even you.

4. And finally, get physical. Studies show that exercise alone can improve body image, even if you aren't loosing inches. So, go out and take a walk or a yoga class- anything that will get you moving.

Once you take off those clothes and love every inch of you, take a sensual bubble bath, dress sexily and get physical, you are well on your way to getting your Sexy Back and Loving the most important person in your love life - YOU!

And when YOU feel sexy, and believe that you're sexy...well, then any suitor will be thrilled to be in your presence.