Friday, March 26, 2010

Are You Riding The Rockin' Roller Coaster of Feelings?

Are you riding the rockin' roller coaster of Feelings?

If your feelings seem to control your life and if you believe that you are a victim today, you still have work to do.

If you don't get through your difficult experiences and make peace with them, you will continue to feel hurt, angry, lonely, and afraid.

When you allow yourself to continue to ride your rockin' emotions, you become a victim.

It is this simple:
If you focus on the pain and being a victim-
you will be in pain and be a victim.

You stay in the victim role for one reason:
It is your avoidance of growth.

Sometimes we choose to repeat, repeat, and repeat the same behaviors and patterns that do not serve us. We know that we want to be better, but we continue to repeat all the same.

We do this because we would much rather stay in the discomfort and drama of our current situation than move on.

But remember this: It is always up to YOU.

You may feel like you are in a frustrating and losing battle.

You might believe that relationships are unfair, unsatisfying, and that you do not get a fair chance in love.

You may attempt to harden yourself, or keep new relationships superficial.

These perspectives only keep you imprisoned in your emotional walls of self-protection.

There is little growth in the experience of being a victim.

So, what can you do to prevent yourself from being a victim, from repeating the same patterns, interacting in the same circles, attracting the same situations, and being ruled by intense feelings?

I encourage you to find a way to believe that your higher self and all of your agonizing experiences are lessons and gifts to allow you to ultimately grow into the best person you can imagine through its lessons and gifts.

If you can find a way to do this, then you will set yourself free.

The only thing that gets in your way of your goals, getting a relationship that you want, living the life of your dreams, and becoming who you want to be is - YOU.

It's time to create new habits and ways of thinking.

You may feel a bit weary about this right now; it might take some practice.

Whenever you're feeling defeated or hopeless, try saying this to yourself:

"Maybe today will be the day that I move past feeling like a victim, angry, weak, and in fear. Maybe today will be the day that I move into forgiveness, strength, and the willingness to receive the gifts from my experience."

In order to get to the depths of your psyche, it is a good idea that you learn to Release.

When your release, you set yourself free and let go of something that holds you back or confines you. If you hold onto toxic things, people, behaviors, energies, and resentments, you will have difficulty moving forward. Try to forgive yourself, move past you resentments, and let them go.

What are you trying to release in you or about you? What will hold you back from doing this work on yourself? Your fears, pains, frustrations, control, addictions, self-destructive behaviors, certain family members or friends?

Do some Spring Cleaning Within!