Wednesday, August 19, 2009

5 Do's & Dont's In A Relationship


1. Don't think that you can fix your partner. The only
person that you can fix is yourself.

2. Don't try and change your partner. This is an impossible
task. You are powerless over people, places and things.

3. Don't take away what your partner loves to do most. If
your mate loves to watch football with the boys buy him
a case of beer and send him off. He will be more than
likely to want to come home to you sooner. If he loves to
play golf. Let him. Buy him a golf shirt. He will love you
for that. If she wants to have a girls night out - order
them a bottle of wine or a chocolate cake and surprise
her. Hmmm... I wonder what she will do for you when you
come home that night. If she has a dream career or
hobby - support her in any way you can so that she can
fulfill her dreams.

4. Don't lie, be unforgiving, selfish, impatient, secretive or

5. Don't think that your relationship is going to be perfect.
There is no such thing. Expecting one will keep you
disappointed forever. Erase the La La Land fairytale that
Prince Charming saves the Princess fantasy. This will
never happen. Allow the Sleeping Beauty within you to
wake up and explore more about you.


1. Do Know your Vision as a couple. Keep working towards
that vision. Build steps into making it happen.

2. Know your wants and not wants in a relationship.

3. Know the time that you want to spend with yourself,
alone as a couple and as a couple with others. Negotiate
and compromise this time together as a couple.

4. Ask yourselves the most difficult questions in each area
of your life: Home, Money, Work, Sex, Health and Food,
Family, Children, Community Life & Friends, Spiritual &

5. Remember you are supposed to be on the same team. Be
each others Best Friends.