Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Plethora Of Period Tracking Apps For Men & Women

Diane Driscoll, the founder of weBEgirls, hipped me up to some really cool Apps for tracking your period.

The good news, I can now know exactly when my PMS alarm is about to go off without doing the math. My husband is really happy about this. The bad news is that some men are using these Apps to cheat on multiple women at once. Not Cool!

Here is what Diane Driscoll had to say:

A Plethora of Period Tracking Apps for Men & Women

by Diane Driscoll

Women, this is not for the faint of heart, but let’s face it, our hearts haven’t been faint since the passing of the corset. Men want to track our periods. And it seems not always for the most flattering of reasons. Some apps even let them track multiple women, allegedly for the several girlfriends or wife and mistresses.

According to a recent article in The Washington Post, “A tour of recent technological creations shows that menstruation apps for men are a booming market.

”PMSBuddy,” for example, is proudly “saving relationships, one month at a time.” “PMS Meter” features “hilarious sound effects.” And the infamous “IAmAMan,” which is nothing if not unapologetic, allows users to track the menstrual cycles of several women at once, for those special times when you are a big cheater.”

Hmm. Besides the lovely words the apps use to describe us women during these times, “her-ricane”, “menstrual madness” or a “she-devil with horns”, these apps can be beneficial for us women too.

One statement from one of these app sites really resonates with me: “’Every month, women go through the same ups and downs, but the men in our lives never seem to catch on,’ said Lisi Harrison.”

The truth is how can I expect any man in my life to “catch on” to my cycle when, after all these years, I haven’t either?

I need one of these apps for me. A day or two before my period I feel like eating the world and anything, ANYTHING, could bring a flood of tears to my eyes (okay, I admit, maybe that is a little “menstrual madness”). And every month I wonder what’s wrong with me. Then the next day I get my period and I’msurprised. The same light bulb every month, “Oh, that’s why!”

I know some of you women are that together that you track your periods. Sadly, I’m not one of you. After a few months of logging in the stats, the period tracker apps will do all the work and remind us, male and female users alike. Whew. What a relief that will be.

Here are the top period trackers:

Code Red

The most popular ($2.99), “[this] application has climbed as high as 35 on the Lifestyle division of the Apple app store — a category that includes hundreds of applications.” “All you have to do is set the start day of her most recent cycle, and the app takes care of the rest.” When the tracking starts, Code Red will provide special alert messages for every phase in her cycle such as “smooth sailing”, “horny alert”, “ovulation alert” and of course, “code red”.

PMS Buddy

With this app (free) you can track up to 10 women’s cycles and the date when their period will begin. You simply input each woman’s name and the last date of her menstrual cycle and the average length (PMS Buddy recommends the average 28 day cycle) and the user will automatically start receiving alerts. Women can also use this app too.

PMS Meter

I guess this app ($0.99) looks at the funnier side of menstrual cycles. Cited as being an “early warning system for PMS” or if “someone’s being cranky, but you’re just not sure why? “ There’s an activate button that you just press and the PMS Meter loads with “Hilarious (sound effects and animated sequences) fun for you and your friends.” The app also adds, “Great for parties, birthdays, family gatherings, or any social occasion.” Yeah, just want any gal would want at a party – your guy making fun of your period. Maybe this is one of those apps you only share with you buds – in your man cave.


Boasted as the app ($1.99) for “your private life planning,” (really…? ugh) it lets men track the cycles of multiple females, with symbols for each girl and her menses, ovulation and pms with a phone icon listed next to her name, theoretically so you can booty call the one in the clear. Additionally, it offers a passwords for each female so that if one of them “accidentally bumps into this application and makes you enter the password–she will be the only one to appear on the list.” Wow, they have really thought of everything.


This is the one we women would love the most from our men. Described by the app ($3.99): “Being aware of what your women are going through and knowing where they are in their cycle is essential in being a more caring and understanding man; in short it will help you become a better mate!” Love that. In addition to tracking our period, ovulation and pms days; our men can keep track of our favorite color, song, perfume, likes and gift ideas…and it stores special event dates and our clothing sizes.
Period Tracker

One for us woman, with both a light (free) and a deluxe version ($1.99). Period tracker takes daily notes of moods, symptoms, and intimacy. It can export your period dates and notes to email for backup or doctor’s visits. You can easily view the number of days until next period or number of days late. Know when you’re fertile with flowers that show on your homescreen during your predicted ovulation and eight day “fertile window,” maybe not science, but a helpful reminder for those couples trying to get pregnant. And the deluxe version also takes daily notes of menstrual symptoms including spotting, flow, cramps, headaches, backaches, bloating, tender breasts, and body aches. It also will track you weight and has a pregnancy mode for a countdown until your due date.