Sunday, November 28, 2010

Top 10 Cities For Singletons

It’s time to find out where the boys and girls are!

Maybe you travel for business and you like to go out or date on your evenings off. Maybe you’re one of those people who is willing to consider a romantic match anywhere in the country because you know your soul mate might not be in the same city as you. Or maybe you’re just looking for a city where the job market is bigger and singleton opportunities are bigger too.

Whatever you’re reason, says you should consider these three lists.

The first is the top 10 cities for singles:

• Washington, D.C./Baltimore

• Miami

• Chicago

• Los Angeles

• Atlanta

• San Francisco/Oakland

• Houston

• New York City

• Dallas-Fort Worth

• Philadephia

No real surprises here! This list takes into consideration where you can go out: how many nightclubs, bars and restaurants there are in each of these top cities. They also look at how many sports teams, museums, and theaters (legit and film) there are – plus university life. These all add together into what makes a great single city in terms of night life. Options for fun are always important to singles.

But when you look at a different statistic, ratio of men to women, you might come up with something different, especially if your gender is in the lower number of that ratio.

10 Cities Where Guys Outnumber Women:

• Atlanta

• Los Angeles

• Seattle

• San Francisco

• Minneapolis/St. Paul

• Phoenix

• Austin

• Las Vegas

• San Diego

• Denver

10 Cities Where Women Outnumber Guys:

• Raleigh

• Washington, D.C.

• New York City

• New Orleans

• Memphis

• Chicago

• Baltimore

• Boston

• St. Louis

• El Paso

Traditionally in eastern cities there are more men than women, but when you head west you’ll find cities where there are more men than women. But in the end does all this matter? All you need is one guy and one girl, and a few sparks.

What really gets you to coupledom is not being afraid to go out and look no matter what city you live in.