Monday, September 6, 2010

10 Things You Should Know About Men

First you have to know what your man wants and needs before you can ever Man-ip-ute™ him. And, when you learn the mastery of Man-ip-ulation™, you can finally get in the relationship that you want and deserve. Clayton, my husband, and I have an upcoming book called “The Man-ip-ulator™ vs. The Wo-man-izer™. Everything you need to know to get the relationship you want.”

Hungry for some Man-ip-ulation™ advice? Since I am in such a great mood, I am going to give you a little taste.

These are 10 things EVERY woman needs to know so she can Man-ip-ute™ her man into getting the love she deserves and becoming the ultimate Man-ip-ulator™.

10 Things You Should Know About Men:

  1. The first thing you need to know about men is that men are needy. Men need Respect, Praise, Interest in What They Do, Support/Encouragement, Collaboration, Understanding, Love, Time Alone, Etc., Etc. Etc.
  2. Men need respect. A woman should appreciate his value and achievements and what he does for her and others. A man is going to find respect somewhere. If she doesn’t give it to him, then he is going to find it someplace else.
  3. Men need praise. Men have low self-esteem. They constantly need to be reminded about how great they are (in life and in bed. Ergo the fake orgasm. Come on girls, you know you’ve done it at least once. And if you haven’t, I highly suggest it). Praise him for all of those things that you respect him for. Appreciate him for what he does. (If you ask him to do the dishes and he doesn’t do them perfectly then appreciate the fact that he actually did them, even if it is not to your exact specifications. Don’t nag him about how inefficient he is and how you would have done a much better job.)
  4. Men need others to be interested in what they do. So, if you are smart, you will be the one who is interested in what he does, whether it be sports, his job, whatever. You don’t have to live, and breathe it, just understand it enough to show that you are interested. Be interested in their thoughts and activities. When he asks you for help, do the things you can to support him.
  5. Men need Support/Encouragement. Be a good listener and a good communicator. If you support him, he will support you. And if you encourage him with his goals and dreams, he will be a better man for it.
  6. Men need Collaboration. Men love to have a companion, a best friend. They don’t want to be told what to do or how to do it. The best thing that you can do is manipulate him into thinking that he came up with the idea.
  7. Men need Understanding. A man needs to be understood. When he takes the time to actually talk to you, don’t blow it off or ignore it, just listen. This will give you a great opportunity to retort.
  8. Men need Love and yes, that does include sex. But, don’t we all? That’s where Man-ip-upation™ really comes in handy. But, love is not just sex. Love is a look, a touch, a kiss, and stroking his ego. It is being attentive to the other person’s needs.
  9. Men need time alone. We all need time alone, unless you are addicted to codependency. So, allow and encourage him to do what he does to recharge. If you do this, the time you spend with him will be even better. This does not include his addiction to porn, fantasy football and video games. Time alone does have its limits.
  10. There really is a lot more that men need. I could go on and on and on. But what you need to know about men first is that they are needy.