Friday, June 11, 2010

Want A Relationship?

It is natural for us to want a partner in life. We have the desire to want to wake up next to the person we love and feel a sense of security and validity in the world. Being in a relationship, consciously, is a good thing.

If you want to attract a relationship into your life, I suggest that you put in writing what you want that relationship to look like. Write a list of things that you will look for in a partner. (If you are already in a relationship, what are some things that you can to better yourself to make your relationship more solid? Also, what are some things you can do together to create a stronger bond with one another?)

When making your list for your future partner, be specific. Realize that you might not attract the person to the exact tee, but at least you are being clear with yourself who you would like to attract into your life. What is important to you?

1. Values. Are they the same or different than yours?

2. Physical Appearance. What should this person look like?
Height, hair color, clothes, etc.

3. Material. What possessions are important for the other
person to have? What about career and financial?

4. Interests, hobbies, athletics, creativity.

5. Spiritual beliefs.

6. Intellect and education.

7. Their life goals and future. Include the number of children,
child rearing beliefs, where you want to live, and goals for

8. Emotional maturity and consciousness.

9. Your deal breakers. What are absolutes that you will not
accept in a person?

Know who you are and what you want, use the "Law of Attraction" and take whatever steps you need to take to make that happen. Once you are there, be ready and available for commitment. Balance your heart with your head by making your relationship choices consciously. It is still exciting when you choose to Date Consciously!