Friday, April 10, 2009

Relationhips Mirror Who We Are

Do you find yourself in relationships where people treat you poorly? Do you find yourself attracting mates who don't commit? Do you feel like you keep attracting "the unhealthy ones" in your life?

Does this seem to happen over and over again, now matter how nice and loving you are?

You might be wondering why this keeps happening to YOU!

Do you want to shift your thinking form bad things are being done to you to having a new understanding about yourself?

If you answered yes then keep reading.

Our relationships with other people, particularly romantic ones,
are mirror reflections of us in so many ways. And, mirrors speak nothing but truth.

Know and remember this: each and every person you allow to enter your life is a mirror reflection of something in you. Therefore, they are a gift. This is a gift for you to understand and get to know more parts of yourself.

The way we relate to others is the way we relate to ourselves. For example, if you have something to say about another in positive or negative terms, one of your fingers pointing at them is three of your fingers pointing back at yourself. You are projecting something within you onto them. The challenge is to find out what those projections are.

The dramas that we have in relationships in the external world are the dramas that we have within ourselves.

If you have the courage to look deep enough within yourself, the flaws that you see in him are flaws that are in you as well. They might not be directly the same behavior or action, but they are in you somehow.

For example, if your ex is an alcoholic, or his drinking bothered you, does not mean that you are a drunk. However, if you were to look deeper at this, you would ask yourself, "Why would I allow myself to attract this type of a person into my life? What is it from my past?" (i.e. were my grandparents or parents alcoholics?) There can be many different answers to this question.

Or, if you find that people are consistently criticizing you, are non-committal, and judgmental, rather than blaming the other and being a victim, ask yourself, "In what ways am I non-committal, criticizing and judgmental?

When you don't like certain qualities in another begin to question yourself.

You'll start to notice how much of what's happening with others reflects what's happening in your own relationship with yourself.

It is important for you not to blame others for how the "treat you." If you take back any projections that you might be having on another, and take responsibility for YOU! Begin to look at your own relationship with yourself.

You can begin to transform. Change within can happen.