Monday, July 7, 2008

Where Have All Of The Good Men Gone?

Are you at the point in your life where you ask yourself,

"Where have all of the good men gone?"

One of the things that I hear my women clients (and gay male friends) say over and over again when they first come to me is:

"There are no good guys left!
All of the good guys are taken!"

Do you have a history of dating the same "Mr. Wrongs" over and over again?

Do you seem to repeat the same issues in relationships time and time again?

If so, then it's easy to believe that ALL MEN ARE JERKS.

The truth is that all men are NOT TAKEN and NOT EVERY ONE IS A JERK.

Of course there are some situations where the man is not on his "best behavior." So, why were you with him in the first place? And even more importantly - why did you stay?

The question for you is: what are you doing in your relationships that attract the same men and situations over and over again? What is it in you that you need to heal?

See, it's not all about him and what he is doing or has done.


Thinking that all men are jerks is a limiting belief on love.

More limiting beliefs about love are:

- All men cheat. They can't be trusted.
- All good men are taken/married.
- I don't deserve love.
- There is no love for me.
- I am unlovable.
- I don't deserve to be loved.
- Love doesn't really exist or last.
- Who would want me? I'm too old, fat, unattractive...
- I'm too busy to date.
- Love is pain, so I don't want it

I suggest that you change your negative thinking and know that there are great guys (and girls) out there. Shift your Limited Beliefs on love to Unlimited Beliefs about the Abundance of love.

A few common examples are:

- There are faithful and committed men. They can be trusted.
- There are many available men.
- I deserve love.
- I have so much to offer a mate!
- Men are constantly asking me out on a date.
- It's never too late for love.
- There is such thing as love and I embrace it in my life.
- There is enough time in the day for me to date.
- Love is joyful because I get to grow and become more of my best self.
- I create love in my life everyday.
- I am always connected to a power that is greater than me (whatever it is me) to attract me to the relationship of my highest &
best good.

Now it's your turn.

What are your new Unlimiting Beliefs about the Abundance of love?

So, the answer to the first question is:

The good men have gone nowhere.
Its up to you to get yourself out there and find him.