Monday, May 19, 2008

Its Never Too Late To Date

Finally - Date Night! WooHoo!!

Clayton and I have been working so hard that it seems like it has been forever that we have gone out and had some FUN!

First we went to the Grove to see Iron Man.

The reason why I love Iron Man is because he is willing to take a look at himself and make a change in his life.

The billionaire industrialist starts off as being a self obsessed, selfish man whore who realizes that what he has been doing for years is killing millions of people while profiting from the sales of weapons of mass destruction. When he has a change of heart he invents an armored suit to help him save the world. My kind of guy! Not only does he have a philanthropic heart - he's smart, he lives in this fabulous mid-century modern home over looking the ocean, drives fast cars, AND - he's hot!

In the end of the movie, Iron Man falls in love with his assistant Pepper Potts.

When do YOU think that happened?

When she let her long flowing feminine hair down and put on that smashing dress? Or, was it the fact that she is unconditionally there for him and will do everything in her power to keep in him out of harms way - even putting his heart in a box? Or, is it a little of both. You have to see the movie. I can't wait to see what happens with their relationship in the sequel.

Iron man is just cool! Hmmm - Kinda reminds me of my sweetie (well, in my own comic book fantasy kind of way).

Then, Clayton and I proceeded to get dinner and drinks at La Piazza where we talked, people watched, and just had a good ole time. It sure does remind me that no matter how busy our schedules are, sometimes we have to force ourselves to let loose and have a little fun at least once a week. Because all work and no play make Eris and Clayton dull partners!