Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Do You Want To Heal Your Broken Heart?

For Anyone Who's Ever Gone Through a Relationship Breakup or Divorce...

How To Stop Your Pain, Let Go Of The Past and Heal Your Broken Heart After A Relationship Breakup or Divorce...

Do you want to know the 7 most important things to do to get over a break-up or divorce?

Join me on this FREE Teleseminar: "7 Simple Steps to heal your broken heart and begin to date."

6pm Pacific Time
9pm Eastern Time
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If you're like everyone else who's been through a relationship breakup or divorce, you know that the pain of a breakup or divorce (especially one you didn't want) can be excruciating!

The trouble for many people after their breakup or divorce is that this pain can be so unbearable that without realizing it, they unknowingly do some things that delay the process in healing their pain. They actually stay stuck in that pain, sometimes forever.

Sometimes, even when you think that you have dealt with the pain of the breakup or divorce and put your past relationship behind you, there's still more healing work to be done. You just didn't realize it.

Even worse, more often then not, when you don't deal with the pain, you attract the same mate over and over again!

The good news is:
Your Break-UP doesn't mean your life is over.
It means its about to begin!

Do you want to heal your broken heart?

If you answered YES then you don't want to miss this call.

On this FREE call you will be given the opportunity to begin to heal your broken heart so that you can move forward and find the love that you want and deserve.

Join me in this FREE Teleseminar so that you can learn the 7 most important things to do to get over a break-up or divorce.

The "7 Simple Steps to heal your broken heart and begin to date" Teleseminar is absolutely FREE to attend.

When you confirm your registration, you will receive an e-mail with the call-in number and other information.

The teleseminar will take place TONIGHT at 6pm Pacific Time & 9pm Eastern Time. If you are not able to attend at that time register anyway and you will receive access to the audio recording of the teleseminar.

As you well know, I am the author of the books, Break-Up Emergency. A Guide To Transform Your Break UP Into A Break THROUGH, and the E-Book Break UP, Break THROUGH and BEYOND. In 7 Simple Steps. And contributing author in the #1 Best Sellar, Thank God I... Stories of Inspiration for Every Situation (my story is Thank God my Boyfriends Dumped Me).

That being said, you know I am an expert on healing broken hearts.

I have helped myself heal my broken heart and find a relationship with a man who not only nurtures me, but guides me into becoming the best woman I can be.

I have helped men and women all over the world heal their broken hearts and find relationships that they want and deserve.

Now, I would like to help you.