Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Rape, Cancer, Death & Divorce
Can you imagine being grateful for any of these?

Eris's Story "Thank God My Boyfriends Dumped Me."

The Controversial Book Series "Thank God I..."
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Thank God I...the largest inspirational book series since Chicken Soup for the Soul, unites a world-wide community of individuals to share personal stories of gratitude for their past adversities. Thousands of writers will reveal gut-wrenching accounts of how they transformed perceived crisis into blessings.

Can thanking God for what we have...
be the key to making millions?

"Yes! Life is all about being grateful, and thanking God is the ultimate form of Gratitude. When you open your heart and mind and express gratitude for the abundance surrounding you, you align yourself with the Grand Organized Designer and may be in a position to receive more."

The Controversial book series, Thank God I..., is creating quite a storm worldwide.

Creator John Castagnini says: "Thank God I... is on a mission to share the healing power of gratitude and love of ALL things. By sharing compelling accounts of how personal adversities turned into triumphs, the series deems to transform lives through the healing power of gratitude. Our collection of stories share how becoming thankful is the key to finding a better self on the other side of pain."

New York Times best-selling author, Dr. John Demartini, comments: "What does it take to live 'happily ever after'? Ask a hundred different people and you'll get a hundred different answers. While some claim happiness is simply being in a happy relationship, others believe winning a pile of money would allow them to live happily ever after.

"What if I told you that the hope for 'happily ever after' is one of the greatest psychological and social delusions of our time? The purpose of life isn't to pursue only happiness, but to love and be grateful for life's winding road, which includes both happiness and sadness, positive and negative, and supportive and challenging experiences."

Buy it for yourself, Buy it for a friend, Buy it for a relative, Buy it for a stranger, just buy it for ANYONE who has ever had a difficult experience!

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Thank God My Wife Cheated
Thank God I Was Raped
Thank God I Was Sexually Molested
Thank God I Had Cancer
Thank God I Have Herpes
Thank God My Son Died
Thank God My Husband Was An Alcoholic
Thank God I Was Fat
And More...