Monday, June 9, 2008

Looking For Your Mr. Big?

Speaking of Sex In The City, we all know that the theme of the series is about being single and finding "The One".

Are you worried that you will never find a great relationship and end up being single FOREVER?

What kind of relationship do you dream of having - or already found?

Who is your Mr. Big?

Here's a fun little story:

A good friend of mine had her idea of her perfect Mr. Big. He was tall, dark and handsome - an Ivy League graduate - a doctor or a lawyer or both.

In her mind he made at least 6 figures, drove a luxury car, was well endowed, had perfect teeth and genes.

For years she shopped for her perfect Mr. Big. But luckily the stores had an open return policy. She seemed to keep finding ready to wear but not couture. The closest thing to a perfect man she could find was Jimmy Choo in the shoe department. Luckily she had her friends to keep her company: Vera, Stella, Diane, Luis and me.

My friend became frustrated and tired and got to the point where she had these thoughts:

· "I'm happy to be single and focus on myself."
· "ALL of the good men are taken."
· "I don't need a guy! ALL men are screwed up anyways."

But then she remembered that she really did want that connection with someone. She knew that she couldn't be single forever.

She became determined to make some space for a relationship. She set the intention for herself and started shopping once more.

Then, once upon a time...I received a text from my friend, which read, "Eureka, I found him!"

The funny thing was that he didn't quite resemble the guy that she envisioned. But, he cherished her, complimented her, had the same core values and made her feel like she could fulfill her dreams. He was her PERFECT Mr. Big.

As I like to say: There Is Always Hope. Don't Give Up. Keep Shopping! Your perfect Mr. Big could be right around the corner.